Equip your store with EDI brand clothes.

Founded in 1993, Edi Ltd. relies on and continues family tradition of knitwear manufacture since 1965. The principal motto of the company is “ STYLE COUNTS FOR SOMETHING BUT QUALITY MEANS EVERYTHING”, The crucial dedication of the company is basing the production on NATURAL clothing materials, primarily wool and cotton. Nature provided everything, we just skilfully shape what we take from nature and adapt it to our imagination and the imagination that surrounds us and the collection is created.

For our designers, nature is an inexhaustible inspiration..What we think: preserve nature, preserve tradition, preserve a healthy production environment A HEALTHY product is more than a product!

  • Design center’s primary role is to follow fashion trends in the market and propose guidelines for design and production of our collections.
  • We have two basic collections: spring/summer and fall/ winter collections under the EDI FASHION and EDI CLASSIC brands
  • Our potential clients have the opportunity to select and contract products for their business in advance at the collection presentation organized at the company’s headquarters.
  • Another option is supplying clients just before the season, also at the company’s headquarters, but in that case they can select the products that are in stock.

We provide the opportunity of FRANCHISE business system to interested partners. They need to have a good store location or a long-term commitment to the EDI brand.

Manufacture under “YOUR BRAND”.

EDI offers the option of product manufacture under your brand. Simply forward your design to our design center and everything else is a technical and operational issue.

  • Product range: Knitwear and garments for women and men of all ages.
  • Technical Equipment: Production is equipped with state-of-the-art machines thus enabling the manufacture of a vast variety of styles and models
  • Location: Production is located in central part of Serbia, on Corridor 10, enabling easy access.
  • Personnel: The most important segment in a company’s business is personnel. We have a good team of experienced and educated staff, which is a prerequisite for optimal production and high quality.
  • Market: We have been indirectly present in the European market for over 50 years (family business), directly since 1993.
  • ASSESSMENT: We consider ourselves competent and committed with an extremely professional attitude towards our business. We have the utmost respect for our business partners. We are a socially responsible company.

SPRING / SUMMER collection is available for wholesale.
Order today and your merchandise will be delivered in two days!

Contact: office@edi.rs ; +381 63 433 696