We provide the opportunity of FRANCHISE business system to interested partners. They need to have a good store location or a long-term commitment to the EDI brand.

Manufacture under “YOUR BRAND”.

EDI offers the option of product manufacture under your brand. Simply forward your design to our design center and everything else is a technical and operational issue.

What exactly is a franchise?

Franchising is a way of running your own business under a well-known brand, and is being implemented by some of the world’s largest brands.

When you purchase a franchise, you are still essentially managing your own assets and resources at your own risk; however, this time under someone else’s name – under the franchisor’s brand. A more well-known brand contributes to greater recognition and, consequently, more customers, thus reducing the possibility of business failure. In other words, it increases the chance of business success!  Although franchising implies doing business under someone else’s name, this business model represents a personal business.

When you decide to buy a franchise, the provider, franchisor, and you, the franchisee, actually sign a franchise agreement that defines mutual rights and obligations. Franchising is, therefore, an entire business system.


If you are interested in this kind of cooperation and consider franchising as most suitable for your business abilities, preferences and opportunities – please contact us by email at or by phone  +381 63 433696. We are also available for any questions.